Anonymous Cryptocurrency



When Bitcoin first became a thing, some people began calling it ‘anonymous’ because funds live in alphanumeric addresses rather than accounts named like ‘Bill Gates’. But because every bitcoin transfer is recorded on its perfectly public block-chain or ledger it’s only a matter of time, tools and dedication to eventually decipher all or most of the bitcoins transactions, in fact, there are some well-funded companies cropping up right now that intend to do the very same thing. Now some anonymous cryptocurrency users don’t mind this, but others are utterly repulsed by the idea of the entire world being let in on their finances. For the latter group, there are some primary ways to restore the anonymous nature of cryptocurrency transactions with varying degrees of efforts involved. First let’s say you want to have the full benefits of untraceable cryptocurrency, there is currently no protocol level way to do this so you will need to choose mixing service with a fine reputation. This is where the DeepOnion comes in, DeepOnion is an online company that has been providing top-notch services to their clients by giving them a platform where they can have unlimited anonymous transactions of a cryptocurrency.

DeepOnion have introduced a wallet for keeping your DeepOnions safe. The sole purpose of this wallet is to store your DeepOnions so that it will reduce the chances of being hacked or traced. DeepOnion has been using the tested methods and latest techniques to keep your transactions anonymous. There is currently no method in the market to debunk the DeepOnion’s wallet security, it is like brick wall with a single door and only you have the key to access it. Whatever you keep inside the wallet, it will be absolutely anonymous and it will keep your identity safe from any spying entities. Whenever you send or receive any amount, you will be prompt with an instant confirmation message, so that you don’t have to wait hours to receive the confirmation message to enable the transactions. DeepOnion is integrally part of the TOR network, where you can the maximum level of privacy but unfortunately government and other agencies are working day in and out to come up with a way to unravel the identity of the users. Therefore, it is not wise but absolutely essential to keep your transactions as much safe as you can, with the help of DeepOnion that goal is not hard to achieve. Whenever you do make a transaction on TOR network via DeepOnion wallet your anonymity is 100% guaranteed and there is no method available in the market that could unravel your identity. Now, you don’t have to be extra conscious whenever you make transactions on internet, as DeepOnion is here to make your life easier. In case you want to learn more about DeepOnion or you’re simply curious how they carry out all their operations then without wasting any more time, head over to their website and browse all the latest key features they have to offer to the good people.