Sometimes it becomes really impossible to carry your laptop everywhere. What if you could get a PC which will be tiny in size, but still will have the capabilities of a PC? This is indeed possible. ACEPC T5 is a computer stick. It is basically a computer that you carry in your pocket. It comes with in-built processor, ram and hard disk. You can experience the all new Windows 10 on it and it also supports different wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity.


The features that it comes with are really amazing and give you an opportunity to work anywhere any time without you having to carry your laptop everywhere. Since it has in-built windows 10, it can work with any Microsoft product.



T5 Mini PC Stick has a quad core processor obviously from Intel and with 2 GB primary memory and 32 GB of data storage you can always make more out of you free time. It also runs smoothly and connects to almost any device using wi-fi or Bluetooth.


To run this you do not need to install any software or app, all you need a monitor or a device that supports HDMI data cable and you can have your work one with this. Setting it up is also really easy. It’s basically plug and play device. You can even connect it with any monitor or TV which makes it really helpful in watching movies or videos in HD quality. You can access internet, view videos and stream movies and live matches. All these you can do just with this small tiny stick. So, do not waste your time, get it today and enjoy your quality time in a different way.