Accident Compensation Claim Solicitors



If you have suffered an accident or injury at work and you are were not to blame, then Accident Compensation Claim Solicitors can help you to take your case to court and claim compensation or damages for an injury you have suffered. Even if you are only partly to blame you could still be awarded a financial remedy that is proportional to the percentage of fault attributed to the other party. Many solicitors work on a no-win no-fee basis, meaning they will write off their costs if your claim is not successful. An Accident Compensation Claim Solicitor will work with you to help obtain evidence needed to support your claim.


Compensation is awarded in the form of damages which can be calculated to include: loss of past and future earnings, medical costs, damage to property, cost of care or assistance, travelling or accommodation and damages in respect of pain and suffering.


You can even make a claim if your injury is psychological with the help of specialist Work Stress Solicitors. They can advise you on what remedies are available if you are subjected to your employer’s negligence or harassment which results in a recognised psychiatric illness. The types of conditions which you might make a claim against are demands for excessive workloads, breach of occupational health protocols, risk-assessment failures, bullying or harassment, failure to investigate a grievance, inappropriate disciplinary proceedings or any kind of assault, either physical, verbal or sexual. Contact a specialist personal injury solicitor to discuss your options.